Laurent Saleur
Global Technical Support Manager Thermoplastics
Chem-Trend (France) S.A.S.U.

Laurent has been working for Chem-Trend for 10 years. He started off as the account manager Thermoplastics in France, Italy and Benelux countries and has recently been promoted to become Global Technical Support Manager Thermoplastics. In his new role, Laurent is responsible to provide technical support and training to sales colleagues as well as the Chem-Trend thermoplastic distribution network on a global scale. Besides that, Laurent will also be contributing to the development of Go-to-Market launch programs and application training tools. 

Laurent has a Technical Degree in Thermoplastic, Thermoset and Composites Processing as well as a Master Degree in Sales and Marketing of Technical Products. He looks back at 22 years of experience entirely spent in the Thermoplastics processing industry and has an extensive best practice knowledge about the use of mould maintenance products and purging compounds in a wide range of different technical processes used in the Thermoplastics processing industry. 

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