Alex Hoffer
Vice President of Business Development
Hoffer Plastics

Alex Hoffer earned a Liberal Arts Degree from Purdue University. He also completed graduate work at DePaul University studying post-secondary Education.

Alex’s most rewarding professional experiences have been on projects that have helped customers’ increase their productivity and profitability. These experiences have connected Alex to his professional “why” by showing him that manufacturing still possesses the power to change people’s lives by providing them with necessary goods, and opportunities, for a better existence. He is, therefore, deeply passionate about people and doing work that matters.

Alex’s life-theme is to create and share life-altering products and ideas. He, therefore, is an avid reader and loves sharing what he is learning.  His primary platform for doing so is, which he created in 2015, and serves as his personal blog.  You can follow him, and join the conversation, there.

Outside of work, Alex is blessed with a beautiful wife (Sarah) and three kids (Will, Ben, and Sadie) that continually challenge him to become less selfish of his time and energy. Alex is also very involved in his local Church and cherishes deep one-on-one personal relationships.

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