Plastics Caps and Closures 2018 Conference Programme 

Plastics Caps and Closures is now in its ‘15th’ year and offers a unique networking opportunity for leading brand owners and fillers, closures producers, packaging manufacturers, designers and suppliers to the industry to debate the latest developments in the plastics closures industry with a particular focus on adding value and optimising results across the supply chain.

 The 2018 conference will continue to examine key factors, the latest innovations and focus on adding value and optimising results for suppliers, manufacturers and brands.


2018 Programme Highlights include:


Day One

Packaging: the current changing landscape

Hans van Bochove, VP Public Affairs Europe, Coca-Cola

·      Packaging: putting it into societal and public policy context

·      How significant changes are looming for the industry

·      How Coca-Cola are dealing with the changing environment

Assessing the future of plastics: what policymakers are currently looking at, and the impact on the caps and closures industry

Silvia Freni Sterrantino, EuPC Regulatory Affairs Manager, EuPC European Plastics Converters

·      How littering activities and global awareness on plastics is increasing and has increased policy makers’ attention to the topic.

·      Studies, reports and LCAs ; how they are numerous. The need to have more guidance on this 

·      The European Commission and its work on a regulatory strategy on plastics encompassing different moments of a life cycle, from feedstock to      accidental dispersion in the environment

·      The study claim that polypropylene microplastics is present in bottled water and that alleged source of this presence is due to bottle caps

·      How the review into those risks will impact coming regulation and composition of plastics caps and closures.


Market Drivers and Trends for Caps and Closures


Stewart Johnston, Head of Consultancy - Europe, Middle East and Asia in United Kingdom specialising in Packaging, Print, Paper & Security, Smithers Pira

·      Market overview

·      Geographic Trend

·      Drivers and Trends

·      Innovations

·      Forecasts to 2023

·      Opportunities for Suppliers, Converters and Brand Owners

Breaking the mould: the latest innovations in caps and closures

Speaker to be confirmed

·      The increasing importance of perceived added value: how well designed closures can improve product differentiation, aesthetics and functionality

·      A look at the latest solutions that could become the new standards within the market

·      Key considerations for caps innovations: ergonomics, hygiene, lightweighting, ease of opening, recyclability, inproved productivity


Topic to be confirmed

David-Henry Makuanga : Technical Service and Product Development Engineer, INEOS

Christophe Bricaud, INEOS O&P Europe Caps & closures Sector manager, INEOS


Optimizing beverage closure gate quality (as an example of how to find the right combination of mold technologies, closure designs, resins and processes)

Dr. Michael Krueger, Chief Executive Officer, Corvaglia Holding

·      why is there a need to optimize gate quality?

·      what factors will influence gate quality?

·      variation of conventional vs. unconventional influencing factors

·      result is a closure which meets a broader set of requirements than any other solution in the past


The ‘science of interference’; the need for the packaging industry to work in coordination

Stephen Mancey, CEO Europe and SEA, Logoplaste

·      How caps / main body of the packaging does not stand alone; the importance of the relationship between the different sections

·      The blowing team making bottles and the cap / closure team – how can there be cohesion between the two?

·      The ‘science of interference’; how can we achieve collaboration to achieve the end goal – the product that works for the consumer


The march of e-commerce and how the packaging and caps industries are having to adapt

Speaker to be confirmed

·      A look at e-commerce’s growth & figures plus trends and challenges for the packaging industry

·      How packaging continues to play a pivotal role in both the brand and the consumer’s e-commerce experience

·      Technical issues - why the bottles are leaking through the e-commerce supply chain

·      A look at a case study for easy fixes, some innovative approaches

·      The sticky subject of leaky caps – what innovations are coming forward to combat this?


Revitalizing the Sustainability Discussion: One Injection Molder’s View

Alex Hoffer, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Hoffer Plastics Corporation

·      How the sustainability discussion is picking up steam. 

·      Two opposing sides getting further entrenched: environmentalists who aim to eliminate plastic products altogether, while the plastics industry push back and blame “consumer behaviour” as the reason for plastics in oceans.

·      How the conversation needs to change to make progress. 

·      Action to move forward: the plastics industry reframing their response, refocusing its team, and revitalizing the pitch so that sustainable solutions are more enticing to brand owners, and ultimately consumers.


Caps and closures and the circular economy

Speaker to be confirmed


Day Two

Packaging and the environment – a Retailers view

Paul Ernshaw, Packaging Development Manager, Tesco

·      The drivers behind sustainability

·      Customer attitudes

·      Our vision of where we are going

·      Thoughts on preferred materials and design


A Plastic Free Society - Fact or Fiction?

Dave Rose, Director, David Rose Packaging Solutions (Former Project Manager, Packaging Development, Britvic)

·      There is no silver bullet

·      Recycling must improve.

·      Design for re-use recovery and recycling must be considered at the start

·      Biopolymers can be part of the answer

·      What about energy recovery?

·      It must be much easier and simpler to recycle

·      Messaging and information must be consistent

·      Consumers need to be motivated

·      Consumers will have to change their behaviours.

·      Littering and proper disposal is down to people


Navigating the Future: Facing Sustainability Challenges & Opportunities in Polyolefin

Kaushik Mitra, Director, Polyolefins, IHS Markit


Panel discussion: Caps in the environment

Participants to be confirmed


Uncapping the potential of caps and closures in fighting food waste

Michael Nieuwesteeg Managing Director, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre, Board Member of the World Packaging Organisation WPO

·      Inconvenient truths and the fight against food waste via better packaging

·      Sharing the results of the 1st international conference on food waste and packaging

·      The potential role of caps and closures in limiting unnecessary food losses


Protecting your competitive advantage

Jason Lessard, Partner, HGF

·      Why do your customers choose you over the competition?

·      Are your margins sustainable?

·      Discover how you can protect your competitive advantage in 3 steps

Worldwide standardisation as driver for improved ease-of-opening and ease-of-handling in packaging

Dr. Ken Sagawa Em. professor National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST and chairman of ISO WG9 Accessible Design for Packaging

·      The open-ability of packages in an ageing world

·      The principles of accessible design and their implementation in packaging

·      An overview of ISO standards published and work-in-progress

Ease of Opening and Child resistant packaging

Stephen Wilkins, CEO, Child Safe Packaging Group

·      Ease of Opening for elderly people – the standard ISO 17480:2015, Design Criteria-Ease of opening,

·      An update on child resistant packaging and child resistant zips for dose packs for detergent soluble packaging

·      Other standards within the suite

o   CD 22015 Design Criteria-Handling and Manipulation

o   FDIS 19809 Design Criteria-Information and Marking

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